Cloud Clinic

Manage your depressed mood with this effective Cloud Clinic App developed by an Australian Clinical Psychologist and a Consultant Psychiatrist with more than 40 years of combined clinical experience.

Cloud Clinic is a confidential, easy to use, and well-validated program that will help you to improve mood and happiness.

This mobile CBT treatment program will coach you to better manage your moods by guiding you through internationally recognised CBT treatment strategies including activity scheduling, thought challenging and mood monitoring.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) has been identified as the Gold Standard psychological therapy approach to managing depressed mood and anxiety in adults and youth.

Using the Cloud Clinic CBT app will:

Cloud Clinic has been designed with the user in mind. Additional features include:

Cloud Clinic does not require network connection once downloaded. It can also be downloaded onto all of your iOS devices

Numerous scientific studies have found that CBT is more effective than antidepressant medication for mild depression. CBT and antidepressant medication are equally effective in treating moderate depression. There is also a benefit in adding CBT to the use of antidepressant medication in those suffering from severe depression.

Note: While Cloud Clinic is an effective program for depressed mood, we recommend that you use it in adjunct to treatment from a health professional. This is not a stand-alone treatment program for individuals with moderate to severe levels of depressed mood. This app aims to assist users to implement CBT strategies in between sessions with their therapist and/or doctor.


Thought Challenges

It is not the situation that causes us to feel the way we do. Rather, it is the way in which we interpret and think about the situation that influences our emotions and behavioural responses.

Challenging the way that you think about a situation in a realistic and positive way will help you to feel more positive and to cope with the situation.

Thought challenging is about developing a rational and positive perspective of a situation that will assist you in reducing your experience of negative moods.

We can often not change what has happened in a situation but do have some control with the way in which we think about it.


Activity Scheduling

The lethargy circuit theory of depressed mood clearly states that depressed mood often results in reduced motivation and desire to engage in previously enjoyed activities.

The concern is that engaging in less activities also then reinforces and worsens your mood.

Scheduling regular activities into your diary and forcing yourself to do the things that you don’t feel like doing, has been shown to have significant positive impacts on mood.

Mood Monitor

Being aware of your moods and the factors which may affect them is important in better managing depressed mood. Mood monitoring can also be helpful in reducing a sense of helplessness by graphing progress over a period of weeks and months. This is a more objective measure of actual progress that accepts mood fluctuations occur.


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