Are you living a value driven life

August 4, 2014

There is no doubt that life gets busy for many of us. Without too much question we fulfil our routine and obligations and look forward to our next holiday. Many adults reach a time where they question their satisfaction with their life and question their career, their relationships, their home environment and/or something else in their environment.

Research has clearly demonstrated that those who live life according to their values experience higher levels of happiness and satisfaction.

Have you considered your values? Is your life consistent with your values? Work through this activity to better understand your values and to set some goals to increase your value driven your life is.

Look through the below listed values and write down approximately 20 of the values that are most important to you. These should relate to times and experiences in the past that have produced feelings of happiness and satisfaction for you as well as values that would be important for you to have in your future.

Accountability Accuracy Achievement Adventurousness
Altruism Ambition Assertiveness Balance
Being the best Belonging Boldness Calmness
Carefulness Challenge Cheerfulness Clear-mindedness
Commitment Community Compassion Competitiveness
Consistency Contentment Continuous Improvement
Contribution Control Cooperation Correctness
Courtesy Creativity Curiosity Decisiveness
Democraticness Dependability Determination Devoutness
Diligence Discipline Discretion Diversity
Dynamism Economy Effectiveness Efficiency
Elegance Empathy Enjoyment Enthusiasm
Equality Excellence Excitement Expertise
Exploration Expressiveness Fairness Faith
Family-orientedness Fidelity Fitness Fluency
Focus Freedom Fun Generosity
Goodness Grace Growth Happiness
Hard Work Health Helping Society Holiness
Honesty Honor Humility Independence
Ingenuity Inner Harmony Inquisitiveness Insightfulness
Intelligence Intellectual Status Intuition Joy
Justice Leadership Legacy Love
Loyalty Making Difference Mastery
Merit Obedience Openness Order
Originality Patriotism Perfection Piety
Positivity Practicality Preparedness Professionalism
Prudence Quality orientation Reliability
Resourcefulness Restraint Results-oriented Rigor
Security Self-actualization Self-control Selflessness
Self-reliance Sensitivity Serenity Service
Shrewdness Simplicity Soundness Speed
Spontaneity Stability Strategic Strength
Structure Success Support Teamwork
Temperance Thankfulness Thoroughness Thoughtfulness
Timeliness Tolerance Traditionalism Trustworthiness
Truth-seeking Understanding Uniqueness Unity
Usefulness Vision Vitality Zeal

From your list of top values, highlight five that are most integral to you and write a short sentence about how and why that value is important to you.

Is your life at the moment fulfilling your top 5 values?

If it does, congratulations! You are living a value driven life. When your mood is low or you are preoccupied by a sense of satisfaction, try to acknowledge that your life is successful in its ability to meet your values.

If your top values aren’t being met write down some ideas to help you make some changes in your day to day life to help you achieve a value directed life.